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Travel CRM Features


Login Screen

  •  Secure login for Administrator – using email address and password
  •  Character security

Forgot Password

  •  Password reminder / reset password link sent to administrator’s email address


Booking Widget

  •  Quick search using booking reference number


  •  View booking summary by
  •  Days/Weeks/Months
  •  Compare statistics from last month to current month
  •  View comparison in % – increase or decrease


  •  Summary of recent bookings
  •  Link to view all bookings


  •  Summary of recent quotations
  •  Link to view all quotations

Enquiries report

  •  Total Enquiries
  •  Converted Quotations
  •  Converted Bookings
  •  Filter by Month/Year

Quotations report

  •  Total Quotations
  •  Converted Bookings
  •  Pending
  •  Filter by Month/Year

Bookings report

  •  Total Payment
  •  Due Payments
  •  Total Pax
  •  Filter by Month/Year

Notifications & Alerts

  •  Enquiry follow ups
  •  Balance payments due

To Do List

  •  Add/assign tasks
  •  Set priority, description, due date etc


Ability to view / add / edit delete enquiry with below details:

  •  Basic enquiry information
  •  Category (Package / Flight / Hotel / Transfer)
  •  Source of enquiry
  •  Created by / Managed by
  •  Enquiry Date
  •  Customer Details
  •  Name
  •  Contact details
  •  Customer type
  •  Currency
  •  Travel Details
  •  Departure / destination
  •  Dates
  •  Length of stay
  •  Number of passengers
  •  Follow-up details
  •  Status
  •  Dates
  •  Notes
  •  Special request

Ability to update status of enquiry
Ability to view quotes for the enquiry with below details:

  •  Flight details
  •  Hotel details
  •  Transfer details
  •  Account details

Ability to email quotes to customer
Ability to add / delete proof documents for the enquiry
Ability to send email to hotels with following details:

  •  Flight information
  •  Hotel information
  •  Room information
  •  Transfer information
  •  Special notes

Ability to create booking from the enquiry
Ability to generate booking vouchers in predefined format
Ability to log all conversations related to the enquiry


Ability to view all bookings with following details:

  •  Booking date
  •  Booking reference number
  •  Customer name
  •  Booking type (package, flight, hotel, transfer, etc.)
  •  Details
  •  Status
  •  Total amount (amount received, amount due)

Ability to change booking status
Ability to view booking details
Ability to edit bookings
Ability to create new booking
Ability to generate invoices for the booking

  •  Customer invoice
  •  Package invoice
  •  Flight invoice
  •  Hotel invoice
  •  Transfer invoice

Ability to add document proofs for booking
Ability to generate booking vouchers
Ability to email booking details to Hotel
Ability to email booking details to customer
Ability to delete booking
Ability to manage payments for the bookings
Add payment
Add customer / card details
Create multiple payments for single booking (collect payment in parts from customer)

Multicurrency Support

Ability to setup multiple currencies in the system
Ability to setup a base currency for the website
Ability to change conversion rates for various currencies – w.r.t. the base currency rate


Ability to add / edit / delete / view customer details like:

  •  Primary details / personal information
  •  Contact details
  •  Address details
  •  Set primary address
  •  Manage address book
  •  Passport details
  •  Other passenger details
  •  Add / edit / delete passenger information
  •  Manage documents
  •  Add notes

Allocate tasks specific to the customer
Ability to view all enquiries made by the customer
Ability to view all bookings made by the customer
Ability to view all payments made by the customer
Ability to send emails to the customer


Ability to add / edit / delete / view package details like:

  •  Basic package information
  •  Destination
  •  Category
  •  Cost
  •  Length of stay
  •  Itinerary
  •  Flight details
  •  Hotel details
  •  Transfer details
  •  Other inclusions
  •  Terms and conditions
  •  Cancellation policy

Ability to search packages by

  •  Category
  •  Departure / destination country
  •  Departure date
  •  Length of stay
  •  Number of passengers

Ability to add special offers for packages
Ability to create customer booking for the selected package


Example reports include:

  •  Enquiry Reports
  •  Quotation Reports
  •  Booking Reports
  •  User Booking reports
  •  Customer Report


Ability to view full list of system users along with information like user name, user group, status etc.
Ability to add a new user.
Ability to edit / delete existing user.
Ability to change the status of existing users.
Ability to restrict access of system login page based on IP addresses.
Ability to change password of a particular user (an email notification is sent to user with new password)

User Groups

User groups allow to allocate the same functions and capacities to the same type of users (with same role) within the system.
Ability to view full list of user groups.
Ability to add a new user group.
Ability to edit / delete existing user groups.
Ability to define roles of user group.
Admin Pages
Ability to view full list of pages.
Ability to rename pages.
Ability to move pages from one page group to another.

Page Access

Ability to select user name and pages that can be accessed by selected user.
Ability to grant access of pages to a selected user.
Ability to remove access of pages for a selected user.

System Settings

Ability to define site wide settings for website – like contact number, details to be used, email addresses, etc.


Securely store all user information in database
Lock out users after certain number of failed attempts
2-way encryption for any sensitive information
Strong one-way SHA1 encryption for passwords
IP address based restriction
SSL compatibility
Spam protection (CAPTCHA)

Email Notification Manager

Ability to view automated email notification categories and email formats. Each email generated from the system can be logically grouped under different categories.
Ability to activate / inactivate system emails.
Easily change content of notification emails using place holders which gets replaced with actual values. You can format and set content as per your requirement using place holders.
Set from, to, & cc email addresses as per your requirement.
Set email subject as per your requirement.

Email Template Manager

Design of predefined email templates – that can be used by website administrator to send out email campaigns from other third party tools
Ability to update content for the newsletter
Ability to generate new HTML for newsletter with the updated content