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CTO, Dedicated Teams, Tech Partner | 22 March 2023

Fintech CTO Challenges: What to Expect

Today’s ever-changing digital world is turning many industries on their head. None more so than the fintech sector. Technological advancements have transformed the way people engag...
CTO, Dedicated Teams, Tech Partner | 16 March 2023

Common eCommerce CTO Challenges & What to Do

Ever-evolving technology and the rise of digitalization has changed the way consumers shop, for good. Now, shopping is easier than ever and can be done by the click of a button – f...
CTO, Dedicated Teams, Tech Partner | 27 February 2023

Travel CTO Challenges: What Are They and How Can You Overcome Them?

The digital transformation of travel technology has revolutionised the travel industry, bringing greater efficiency and user experience to travel companies. But with greater comple...
CTO, Dedicated Teams, Tech Partner | 23 February 2023

8 Proven Ways to Overcome the Challenges of CTO: Achieving Success in the Role

As the demands of technology, IT project management, and strategy increase in complexity, Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) must overcome new challenges to remain successful. These ...
CTO, Dedicated Teams, Tech Partner | 20 February 2023

What are the Top CTO Challenges in Today’s Business Landscape?

As the digital revolution continues to shape the way we live and do business, Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) of high-growth companies are under increasing pressure to ensure that...