Get Started with your Online Pharmacy

By Vsourz - 05 August 2019
Get Started with your Online Pharmacy
Online pharmacy business is rapidly growing in countries like the UK, US, Canada and India. The sales of prescribed and non-prescribed pharmaceutical products are rising year by year. There are many reasons for this increase in the sales. To state a few:
  • Merchants can provide more discounts on online medicines as they don’t need to invest in large infrastructure and physical stores.
  • Global outreach is helping merchants expand their business from local to international customers. For example, merchants in Canada are seeing an increase in sales especially from the US and merchants in the UK are benefitting from sales into the European countries.

However, a lot of approvals, affiliations and legal procedures are required for this business. If you are planning to start an online pharmacy, you need to take care of below items:

  • It is mandatory for all pharmaceutical companies to have proper legal approvals from their respective local governments. Any mistakes can lead to legal ramifications.
  • Have affiliation with the respective government bodies of the countries where you plan to sell the medicines. Like the MHRA and General Pharmaceutical Council in the UK and the MOPAC (Mail Order Pharmacy Accreditation Commission) in Canada.
  • Ensure that your Ecommerce website has all the regulatory checks while selling prescription drugs and you collect all the necessary information required to stay compliant.
  • If you are selling in the UK, GDPR becomes very important for online pharmacy as they carry various personal information of the customers. It is mandatory for your website to be GDPR compliant.

We at Vsourz, a Magento development company, have worked with various pharmaceutical companies across the world. Our Magento ecommerce website development team takes care of all the necessary technical compliance needed for your online pharmacy business. Below is the list of features and modules you should consider on your website:

  • GDPR Compliant : Data is one of the most crucial elements while running an online pharmacy. Customers personal data should be stored securely, and its access should be restricted strictly for verification and legal purpose. If you are a UK business, you need to ensure that your website is GDPR compliant.

    Our Magento 2 GDPR Pro extension from Magenticity can provide all the required data protection checks on your website. We would recommend non-UK businesses also to use this extension. As each country has its data protection checks, it will help you comply with the local law.

  • Prescription Module : If a customer is buying a prescription medicine, it is mandatory for the pharma company to verify the prescription before dispatching the medicines to the customer.

    Vsourz Magento 2 Prescription module will help you with this feature by letting the customer upload the prescription online while ordering. Ecommerce Admin can see the prescription from the backend, verify it and can further process the order. Customer can also save multiple prescriptions in their Account section to be reused later. This module can’t be used in some countries which doesn’t allow online prescription.

  • Repeat Prescription Module : Certain medicines can’t be supplied multiple times even with a valid prescription. These medicines can be delivered only after certain time interval.

    It is necessary to ensure that we don’t deliver a medicine during that time interval.

    Our Repeat Prescription extension will automatically disable the product for the customer in case the customer is ordering it again before the completion of the time interval. It will help reduce the admins time required for the manual verification of the prescription against its records.

  • Product questionnaires based on drug classification : Drugs are classified into different groups. It is mandatory for the pharmacist to have certain information before delivering the drug. Each drug has a criterion and a set of questions to be verified before delivering it.

    Our Product Questionnaire module provides the online pharmacy with the ability to associate different sets of questions to different products and have a validation based on the drug class. This means that if a customer does not answer all the questions correctly, then they won’t be able to purchase the drug.

  • NHS module for UK business : The National Health Service needs to be considered for all UK pharmaceutical businesses.

    Our NHS (National Healthcare System) module will help you take the NHS prescription orders. Customers can fill the NHS form and enter the medicines prescribed. Admin can check the details from backend and process it further.

You can get all these features with our Magento 2 pharmacy theme. With our diverse experience with various online ecommerce pharmacies across the different geographies, we have considerable amount of expertise to guide you on the right way.

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