As global citizens, we are all navigating through the individual and business impact of coronavirus. Tomorrow, let alone next month, presents a whole raft of unprecedented challenges. Inevitably there will be a very real human and business cost to this crisis.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of those that we’ve worked with, past and present, friends, family and anyone else reading this post good health and the very best in coping with everything this virus has disrupted and will continue to challenge. Our best wishes are similarly with those businesses struggling with declining business, cash flow issues and having to furlough people. And of-course our sympathy goes out to all of those that have lost loved ones.

We are committing percentage of some of our teams time and opening up lots of internal tools, resources and platform to help our community in our small capacity.

FREE mountstride CRM and “Get Work Done” platform

FREE CRM for your business – mountstride is a “get work done” platform to manage your customer relationships, sales, projects, processes and lot more. The true swiss-army-knife for your business, working together or remotely, talk to us today to see how mountstride can help your business. We are making mountstride free for first 5 users and bundling in lots of other help and support to “get work done” for your business.

FREE Digital Marketing Audit

Easy to Use Spark
GET YOUR FREE WEBSITE REVIEW AND SEO AUDIT REPORT Your website and marketing plan health check-up. Identify where it fits in the overall SEO landscape and opportunities to optimize. Our deep-dive SEO audit looks at your website’s:

Help with your “work from home plan”

We offer free consultancy in to enable your “get-work-done” agenda and also tools, techniques and processes to optimize your work from home environment. Speak to us to see how we can help.

Turning Email chaos, to workplace harmony. Free 3 months access to histride .

Emails are the integral part of communication for most businesses. Whether you are working together, or working from home, histride helps you by:

Website hosting, scalability, security and cost saving review

Are you looking to reduce your hosting costs, improve security and audit your compliance? We could undertake a wholesome review of your existing technology stack, infrastructure, security, data protection.

We are helping lot of our travel industry and ecommerce industry to both upscale, downscale and also optimize their infrastructure. There is lots of fee support and advise on hand to help you make calculated and informed business decisions.

Ecommerce business support

Do you run an ecommerce business? Are you a start-up, scale-up, established, b2b,b2c business? We have an array of support services, tools, tips, features and functionalities to help. We are dedicating percentage of our project managers, strategy consultants, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, nopCommerce developers time to help businesses in need. Please feel free to talk to us to see how we can bridge any gap you may have.

Travel business support

We are incredibly proud of and cherish our association with Travel industry. Travel Industry has been one of the most impacted sectors recently. We are working along side all our travel industry customers to help and support their plans for 2020 and beyond. We are also offering free trial, free one month access, free onboarding for our clients for – a comprehensive travel CRM and Backoffice platform.

We are also glad to announce that few of our partners,
suppliers and associates across the world have come
forward to support this initiative and many more
are joining. watch this space.

Finally, something worth sharing. We are incredibly proud of our association with following charities and noble causes, platforms and ideas:
Shanti Travel
Feel free to speak to us if you would like to support any of these missions.

Be part of #KIND20 campaign


Take a video for yourself or your family, and express: “What Kindness Means to You?”


Use Slogan: “Let’s Turn COVID19 Into #KIND20”


Share it on your social media using #KIND20 & nominate 3 others to do the same

Finally, our sympathy goes out to all of those that have lost loved ones. We’ve all seen the monumental efforts of those working to keep us fed and well.

Our thanks too go out to the food suppliers, drivers and those staffing the essential stores that are still open to put food on the nations tables. And of course those many people looking after our health in the NHS, Health services across the world and supporting sectors.

The new normal, when it arrives, will impact how businesses operate. Against this backdrop, lets make corporate social responsibility part of the new normal.

We invite businesses, employers, employees and citizens of our world to take a video expressing “What Kindness Means to You and Your business?” and share on their social media

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