The five best ideas for your travel website

The five best ideas for your travel website

The five best ideas for your travel website

There are many experts in web design based in London, and they are flexible enough and have a wide enough range of knowledge to be able to work on websites of all kinds. One particularly specialised area, however, and a field of commerce which has benefited hugely from the online revolution is that of tourism, and below are some of the best and most current ideas for travel web design, each one of which is designed to boost the chances of your site attracting custom.

Specific Angle

One of the key things you’ll be looking for when employing the services of an SEO expert in London is a web site which stands out from the crowd. Someone browsing the web looking for a holiday destination is likely to end up comparing a huge number of different sites and therefore a USP is absolutely vital. It may help, therefore, to focus the offer of your site in a specific are – i.e. family holidays, trips to a certain part of the world, all inclusive breaks etc.

Travel Preparations

One of the chief pleasures of any holiday is the sense of anticipation, whilst one of the greatest stresses is the amount of preparation necessary before you even leave home. Acknowledging this in your web design will help to make your site the kind of place that people return to time after time, since it will be providing a service as well as merely selling a product. Whether you opt for a simple check list of items which need to be handled prior to departure ( travel insurance, inoculations etc.), or links to other useful sites, you’ll be turning your page into a vital travel resource.

Getting Around

Don’t just sell your holidays via the usual methods – listing the beaches, beauty spots and so on – include as much information as possible. A company with experience of website design in the UK will help you to collate and display details such as how to get around once you’ve reached your destination. This will enable visitors to your site to start planning those memorable holiday trips out, meaning that your web page becomes a part of the fun in its’ own right.


A good website is a unique web site, and filling yours with personal content will help to ensure that this is the case. Experts who work on SEO in London will tell you that traffic is attracted and maintained through powerful content, and, in the travel field, few things are more powerful than the likes of original photographs, videos or written content. Whilst it may be tempting to make do with stock images and clips, the knowledge that you’ve taken the trouble of uploading your own will give your site a sense of passion which will, in turn, help to drive visitors towards becoming customers.


As with so many other online interactions, speed and ease of use are of the essence when someone is accessing a travel site. Experts in web design in London will put together an FAQ page, making it simple and quick for the casual visitor to find answers to the most common travel based queries.

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