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These are some useful tips specifically for an ecommerce site search engine optimisation.
  • Write unique content description and do not copy from other websites.
  • The keywords in the meta tags should be unique for all the pages.
  • For the product page meta description, add the same product description that displays on the product page. This will show unique content on every product page and can prevent from duplicate content penalties.
  • It's optional to add the company name in title, if so, use only the company name and do not add keywords along with it.
  • Create a SEO keyword field for the title tags, meta tags and the body which can help to increase product page rank and add normally search for keywords in these fields.
  • Allow customers to review and comment on the products that has been purchased and to tag products with their own keywords.
  • Create product feed and submit it to the google base, which shows the result in google product searches.
  • Try to use keyword rich page file names.
  • Ignore the use of JavaScript or CSS applications as spiders cannot read these. All the images in the site must be optimized by using 'alt' text attributes.
  • Create optimized landing page for every brand, if your website sells branded products.
  • Use suitable title attributes for all anchor text on your site, this gives search engines more information about what the page contains.
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