Redis is a database offering high performance and speed for your business applications

Redis Database – an Overview

An Overview About Redis Database

Redis Database – an Overview
What is Redis? It is an open source in-memory data structure store which can be utilized as a cache, database and message broker. It has the ability to store high level data, which makes Redis an extremely valuable database. In addition to this, Redis has become extremely popular among users, thanks to the fact that it can solve complex problems and minimize the workload. The operations carried out by Redis can be based on the server. This makes web applications run more quickly, making Redis the preferred database for gaming, Web and Mobile applications.


  • Performs well at scale
  • Offers built-in persistence as standard
  • Provides high fail-safe availability
  • Offers Active-Active Geo-Distribution
  • High performance search comes built in to Redis
  • Works as a multi-model featuring dedicated modules
  • Offers intelligent tiered access to memory
  • Provides a range of flexible deployment options
  • Offers AI (ML/DL) model serving
  • It is a purpose-built edge solution
  • Handles transactions
  • Pub/Sub
  • Offers Lua scripting
  • Provides keys with a limited time to live
  • Offers LRU eviction of keys
  • Supports a range of languages including Java, Python, PHP, C, C++, Java, Ruby


Here at Vsourz, we lead the way in Redis development, with a team of full-stack database architects offering end to end Redis development services.

Application Development

Our Redis experts are driven by a passion for creating apps, dynamic database systems and even exceed the expectations of our clients.

eCommerce App Development

We make use of Redis features such as personalization and instant fraud detection in order to create eCommerce apps which are simple to utilize but highly effective.

IoT App Development

Our team develops the Internet of Things (IoT) apps which use a strong database to develop apps offering high functionality and smooth, fast user experience.

Support & Maintenance

Our Redis support and maintenance services are available and offer help with both your overall app performance and your back-end applications.

Redis Database Migration

Our developers migrate an existing database across to Redis, without any downtime, keeping the app running and your business making money.

Expert Consultation

Our expert Redis consultants are on-hand to provide quick solutions to existing back-end problems.