Leverage Microsoft SharePoint Services to Enhance Your Business’ Productivity

Leverage Microsoft SharePoint Services to Enhance Your Business’ Productivity

Microsoft SharePoint Solutions can be the fuel that drives your business towards greater efficiency and profitability. This cutting-edge application both optimises and simplifies your business workflows while simultaneously facilitating collaboration.
SharePoint’s value has increasingly grown due to its versatility and its extensive customisation options to business enterprises. At Vsourz, we have a team of specialist SharePoint consultants providing support on the development, set-up, and customisation of this powerful platform to help you meet your business goals.

What is SharePoint Used For, and
How can it Benefit Your Business?

SharePoint is a sophisticated application that can substantially improve your company’s operations. The tool’s advanced nature can also lead to some confusion over its functionality and benefits if you’re not overly familiar with the platform. To help clear the air, the following section highlights a few key benefits of SharePoint.

Sophisticated Accessibility Functionality

SharePoint functions as a centralised data storage hub, providing your employees with a simple way to access vital business data. The deeply customisable nature of the platform also enables your organisation to create user-profiles with different permissions. In essence, this empowers your business to control who has access to what data.

Enhanced Sharing & Collaboration

Within SharePoint users have the capability of developing sub-sites. This allows your teams to work together on projects in dedicated SharePoint areas. Here, your personnel can store work and communicate easily, thus enhancing collaboration.

Improved Employee Engagement

SharePoint can also be leveraged as the foundation for high-quality company intranets. These hubs act as a valuable method of staff engagement. For instance, you can deploy them like a news site, acting as a source of knowledge for your entire workforce. They can also be used as two-way communication channels. This enables staff to directly engage with the organisation on a range of important issues.

Advanced Information Management

The SharePoint platform has powerful data search, management, and manipulation capabilities. This allows users to locate any file they need and work on it from any device or location. It also enables management to develop access and sharing permissions, which provides an extra layer of security for your business.

Simplified Workflows

Microsoft SharePoint has dedicated workflow functionalities built in. For example, Power Automate is a tool, which facilitates the creation of workflows. It also enables users to automate various processes, thereby saving you valuable time and money.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

With the Microsoft SharePoint framework, your company can gain deep insights from business intelligence. Users can create business intelligence portals, on which data from multiple sources can be collated and stored. These can then act as centralised report centres, providing up-to-the-minute business-critical information.

Data-Led Decision-Making

The combination of real-time business intelligence reporting and enhanced organisation-wide communications empowers your management team to make informed strategic decisions.

Robust Security & Comprehensive Compliance

Advanced user-permission capabilities allow you to keep your company’s data safe. Additionally, SharePoint has a range of compliance tools and features, such as records management, eDiscovery, and data backups. This ensures that your company and sensitive data are as secure as possible.

Optimised Productivity

Many SharePoint features, such as automation and workflow tools, communications channels, and centralised storage capabilities, serve to make processes quicker. This frees up more time for your employees to focus on other important areas of your business and simultaneously increase productivity.

Significant Cost Savings

A Microsoft SharePoint framework can provide considerable savings to your company, particularly if you’re a start-up or in the early stages of establishment. Its versatile and feature-rich nature means it delivers the functionality of multiple other bespoke applications. As a result, you can do more for less.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

Vsourz is a leading SharePoint development company, with a comprehensive suite of services. Read on to discover how we can help you capitalise on the extensive range of benefits SharePoint delivers.
SharePoint Consultation​
SharePoint Consultation​
As expert SharePoint service providers, we have a proven track record of in-depth consultations. We start by undertaking an evaluation of your current workflows and communication channels to identify existing issues and inefficiencies. Thereafter, we leverage our expertise to offer useful guidance on how SharePoint can rectify the organisational problems you’re experiencing. Our professional advisory includes performance enhancement, performance optimisation, and stronger security.
SharePoint Design & Branding
Our branding service empowers you to bring your corporate identity to life within SharePoint. This leads to a consistent brand experience across your end-to-end organisation. We accomplish this by utilising cutting-edge design techniques within default master pages and CSS patterns.
SharePoint Design & Branding
SharePoint Development
SharePoint Development
Vsourz SharePoint development is a comprehensive service. It involves everything from building entire SharePoint sites to creating specific features such as templates, pages, intranets, or workflows. Our SharePoint experts can update existing platform elements or introduce new custom-built components. This allows you to update legacy architecture and meet emerging scalability demands.
SharePoint Intranet Solutions
Our SharePoint intranet development solutions are designed to shape your team’s productivity and collaboration from a fresh perspective. We reach beyond the conventional SharePoint framework, crafting solutions that are customized specifically to align with your business goals and requirements. Experience enhanced teamwork, boosted productivity, and robust data security through our offerings.
SharePoint Intranet Solutions
Custom SharePoint Apps
Custom SharePoint Apps
We are equipped to design and create mobile apps that can connect with SharePoint and make full use of its features. This allows your users to access the organisation’s lists, libraries, and files from anywhere.
SharePoint Migration & Upgrading
SharePoint migration projects can be complex undertakings without the help of professional developers. That’s what we’re here for. Our consultants will develop an inventory of your data, oversee its migration, and then ensure that the data is secure in its new environment. We can provide this service whether you are migrating from another platform to SharePoint, or from one SharePoint environment to another. Our team can also upgrade your SharePoint site to enhance your productivity and minimise operational costs.
SharePoint Migration & Upgrading
Extensive SharePoint Integrations
Extensive SharePoint Integrations
The SharePoint platform is highly versatile and can operate in conjunction with a wide range of other applications. We can help you to integrate your SharePoint site with any CRM, DMS, or whichever software package you use. This facilitates cross platform working and greatly improves your team collaboration.
SharePoint Health Evaluation
Our SharePoint health evaluation service is invaluable to maintaining the integrity of your site. We run comprehensive tests, identifying any existing or potential problems. This includes assessing your SharePoint environment’s infrastructure, architecture, performance, and security. We then address any current issues and put in place preventive measures for possible future problems.
SharePoint Health Evaluation
Secure SharePoint Hosting
Secure SharePoint Hosting
At Vsourz, we deliver superior cloud-based SharePoint hosting services that save significant space on your own servers. Our scalable service means we can continue hosting your SharePoint environment even as it grows with your company. Additionally, the cloud-based nature of our hosting also increases accessibility to your organisation’s files and data.
SharePoint Training
Our developers deliver extensive SharePoint training for any version of the programme. We have a full set of pre-designed courses covering all aspects of SharePoint. Alternatively, we can offer tailor-made training on specific areas, in line with your company requirements. We are fully qualified to deliver both end-user and admin SharePoint training. The former teaches your staff how to operate the platform while the latter instructs users how to build and develop SharePoint.
SharePoint Training
SharePoint Guidance and Support
SharePoint Guidance and Support
Our work continues even after your SharePoint website has been finalised. We offer a full range of support and maintenance services to ensure your SharePoint solutions continue operating optimally. This provides extra peace of mind that enables you to focus on other critical areas of your business.
SharePoint Managed Services
Take advantage of our SharePoint Managed Services for on-going technical monitoring of your SharePoint environment. This covers everything from hosting to licensing, stability, performance, integrations, and a plethora of features.
SharePoint Managed Services
SharePoint Administration Services
SharePoint Administration Services

As a leading SharePoint administration services provider, we know that proficiency is key to your standard backend operations. It facilitates architecture, customisation, configuration, capacity planning, and installation. Partner with our expert SharePoint administrators to maximise uptime, reduce IT costs, and get any performance issues resolved quickly.

Optimise Your Business with End-to-End SharePoint Solutions

Optimise Your Business with End-to-End SharePoint Solutions

You can count on SharePoint solutions to enhance your business operations. Experience increased efficiency and profitability by leveraging the following features.

Business Process Automation & Workflow Management

Our team is highly experienced at building sophisticated business process automations and implementing efficient workflow management protocols for businesses. This streamlines multiple interrelated tasks such as document and asset management. As a result, you will benefit from lower operational costs and higher staff productivity.

SharePoint Document Management

Our SharePoint experts are well-versed at building document management solutions that are custom designed to your requirements for seamless and efficient document flows. Additionally, we develop intuitive and clearly structured document libraries with metadata features that aid document classification and location.

SharePoint Web/ Intranet

We develop engaging, user friendly, and feature-rich SharePoint portals for use as an Intranet platform. These powerful environments are the ideal way to enhance collaboration and data sharing. All platforms are developed to the highest security standards and can incorporate sophisticated user-permissions.

SharePoint Extranets and Portal

The cultivation of mutually beneficial relationships with other organisations and people can lead to faster growth and increased revenue. To facilitate this, we build SharePoint extranets that help you to grow long-lasting relationships with both partners and customers. These portals allow for easy communication and better engagement with people external to your company.

SharePoint Content/Knowledge Management

Companies these days have to handle huge volumes of data, which can become a confusing and labour-intensive task. Vsourz can simplify this for you by setting up SharePoint content/knowledge management systems that are efficient and intuitive. This service facilitates faster data collation, classification, and searching.

SharePoint Contract Management

At Vsourz, we have the bandwidth to construct extremely effective contract management systems for your company. This helps your team to easily draw-up, assess, and complete contracts. Contract timelines and milestones will be much easier to track, and the robust security will ensure that all data is kept safe.

SharePoint Helpdesk

Our SharePoint Helpdesk service increases customer engagement and satisfaction. By using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and automation technologies, your customers will have instant access to all the information they need. This is accomplished through intelligent chatbots, communication channels, and screen-sharing functionality.

SharePoint Version Control

Enhanced collaboration capabilities are one of SharePoint’s main hallmarks. A central aspect of this is the version control functionality. It is an effective safeguard against lost documents, user errors, and server downtimes. We implement this for your company, to ensure that collaborative projects can continue uninterrupted.

SharePoint Customisation

We specialise in developing advanced customisations for your SharePoint solution so that it meets all your business needs. Through Power Platform technologies, our developers can create apps and tools that empower your staff and lead to better company productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

SharePoint development is the process of building and customising a SharePoint environment so that it fully meets an organisation’s needs. Being a web-based collaboration platform, this takes the form of ensuring that the environment has all necessary communication and data sharing functionalities.
Being both encrypted and hosted in the cloud, SharePoint solutions are totally secure. In addition to this, SharePoint benefits from Microsoft’s advanced security features.
Our SharePoint services costs depend on many factors. This includes the size of the project, the timeline, and the complexity of the solutions. Speak with one of our experts to discuss your needs today.
Our SharePoint development timelines also depend on the size and complexity of the project. Reach out to our friendly team to learn more.
Yes, we often undertake work on existing projects. We first evaluate the project objectives and measure the project’s current progress against these, before offering engagement models.
Yes, we offer comprehensive on-going monitoring, maintenance, and support services after a project has been completed. We can provide SharePoint management assistance for as long as you need it.
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