Flutter: User-Friendly Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

As Google’s very own mobile app software development kit (SDK), Flutter is the ideal solution for developing cross-platform programs. Using this convenient tool, we can quickly build intuitive applications for iOS, Android, web browsers, and desktops.

Flutter provides a complete environment that contains everything that’s needed to create a successful app, including a framework, widgets, and a comprehensive set of tools.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development through Flutter
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Why Flutter Is The Ideal Platform
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Specialist Flutter App Development From Vsourz

Flutter Consulting

Leave it to our expert consultants to ensure that your project develops on schedule and meets all of your requirements. Not only can we start the development process from scratch, but we can also conduct audits on any existing Flutter apps you may already have. In doing so, we will identify problems areas and opportunities to implement performance enhancements.

Flutter App Development

We specialise in bringing the app you’ve envisioned to reality through the following Flutter app development services.

Flutter For Desktop
We are the trusted choice for developing apps on a range of Desktop operating systems. This includes Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux, in addition to other plugins, which allows you to reach an enormous customer base.

Flutter For Web Development
Our team is fully capable of supporting you in the development of web-based applications, which are accessible via any standard browser on any device. We can also develop existing Flutter apps for use as web-based applications.

Flutter for Embedded Devices
As Flutter experts, we can leverage the solution to develop apps for embedded devices. Should you wish to extend your customer-base by building an app for this market, Vsourz has the experience to fully support your project.

Flutter for Hybrid App Development
Developing hybrid apps across multiple platforms can be an exercise fraught with difficulties. Fortunately, we have significant experience of using Flutter to develop apps that operate with native performance on both iOS and Android devices.

Flutter for Dart App Development
Flutter is built using the Dart programming language. We have a proven track record of developing highly successful apps using this cutting-edge Google-built coding language.

Flutter for Native App Development
If you’re developing a native app for a specific platform, we can help you get the most out of Flutter. Above and beyond building high-performing applications, we can also advise on how best to proceed if you’re considering making it cross-platform in the future.

Flutter Migration

If you have already developed an app, which you want to migrate to Flutter for any number of reasons, Vsourz can help. We provide technical assistance in areas such as planning integrations and designing custom widgets to replace native functionality.

Support And Maintenance

Our team of experts can provide on-going support for Flutter apps even after development is complete. Should you run into any technical difficulties, or even need help with routine maintenance, we will be on hand to offer expert assistance.

Flutter Project Rescue

It’s quite common for companies to run into difficulties with their app-development projects. If this happens to you, then you can call upon Vsourz to help. We know exactly what it takes to rescue Flutter apps that have run aground during the development process. By conducting thorough code audits, we can provide you with a full recovery plan to get you back on track.

Our Technologies

Our Technologies

Vsourz has unrivalled expertise in a range of cutting-edge technologies. We use our high-level skills to provide comprehensive support throughout the Flutter app development process.

Flutter is Google’s cutting-edge software development kit. By creating cross-platform apps using a single code-base it delivers significant savings in terms of time and money. Apps developed using Flutter operate at near-native levels of performance for both iOS and Android.

Dart is a programming language that enables app development across multiple platforms. Our expertise in this language means we are able to provide fast and highly effective support for Flutter app development projects.

Firebase is a Google-owned platform, which enables the development of both mobile and web-based applications. We leverage Firebase to provide sophisticated back-end services to our range of clients.

Our Technologies
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You Can’t Go Wrong With Vsourz Flutter Developers

Take advantage of our fully qualified team of Flutter developers to bring your brilliant ideas to life. With years of experience in app development, countless lines of written code and a deep understanding of the Flutter platform, you can rest assured that we will deliver on even the most complex requirements. If intuitive, functionality-rich, and responsive Flutter apps are what you’re after, Vsourz is the development partner for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flutter offers companies a range of benefits that set it apart from other app development platforms.
  • It allows for a much shorter development process, so you can release your app quickly.
  • It enables cross-platform app creation using a single code-base, reducing development costs and times.
  • It provides similar user experiences for apps on both iOS and Android devices.
As a result of the above, Flutter is a great choice for your company.
If you want to migrate an app that you’ve already developed to the Flutter platform, we can certainly accomplish this for you. The move is also likely to save you money in reduced maintenance costs.
With Flutter, you can build 2D apps on a range of platforms, including iOS, Android, desktop systems, and web browsers. It allows you to include a range of useful features and functionality, such as geolocation, storage, and camera-use, among others.
Firstly, apps developed using Flutter deliver a superlative performance. On the whole, Flutter apps run at 60 to 120 frames per second on devices that are capable of 120Hz screen refresh rates. This makes Flutter apps extremely responsive.
While the specific timeframes will depend on the project requirements, developing your app will generally be quicker on Flutter than it will be using other platforms. This is because Flutter enables developers to build cross-platform apps using a single code-base.
Yes, Flutter can integrate with a whole range of 3rd party tools and programs. This includes platforms such as Angular, Node.JS and Firebase.

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If you have an exciting idea for a new app and are eager for quick turnaround, get in touch now. Our comprehensive Flutter development services will build your app from the ground up. With Vsourz on your side, your ambitious goals are closer than ever.
Have You Already Built A Wireframe?
If you have already created a wireframe, we offer responsive UI-UX development to help bring your project to life. From a thorough evaluation of your prototype through to proof hosting, we’re equipped to give you the level of support you need.
Do You Want To Update Or Maintain An Existing App?
If you want assistance to update or maintain an existing app, simply let us know. By working on your codebase, we will be able to provide full application maintenance, enact troubleshooting, and enhance your current features.

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