Safeguard Your Website's Future

Umbraco 7 has officially reached its end of life. This pivotal moment signifies the cessation of official support, security updates, and new features from Umbraco HQ. It is absolutely crucial to take proactive steps to ensure the continued security and optimal performance of your website.

The Risks of Staying on Umbraco 7

Failing to upgrade from Umbraco 7 exposes your website to several significant risks:

Security Vulnerabilities

Without official security updates, your website becomes susceptible to security threats, potentially compromising sensitive data and user information.

Compliance Challenges

Remaining on an outdated platform can lead to non-compliance with data protection regulations and industry standards.

Missed Opportunities

By not upgrading, you forfeit access to the latest features and enhancements found in newer Umbraco versions, hindering your website's growth and overall user experience.

How Vsourz Can Assist You

We specialise in Umbraco solutions and offer a range of services to support your website’s evolution:

Tailored Umbraco Website Design and Development

Our experts can create a bespoke Umbraco website to align perfectly with your unique requirements.

Seamlessly Upgrade, Migrate, or Rebuild Your Website

We ensure a smooth transition to newer Umbraco versions, be it minor or major releases.

Enhancements for Inherited Umbraco Websites

If you’ve inherited a website from other agencies, we can elevate its administrative experience, performance, code quality, and functionality.

Migration from Other Platforms

If you’re currently using a different CMS such as WordPress, we can migrate your website to Umbraco for a more robust and flexible content management experience.

Upgrade Your Website for Enhanced Security and Performance

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Secure your website’s future, guarantee compliance, and stay competitive. Vsourz is here to help you explore your Umbraco 7 upgrade options and embark on the path to a more secure and feature-rich online presence.

Umbraco Version Transition FAQs

Fundamental changes to code and database infrastructure make it impossible to upgrade Umbraco 7 directly. Migration is necessary to transition to a newer Umbraco version.

Urgency is essential to secure your website’s future. Vsourz is here to assist you in exploring your Umbraco 7 upgrade options, ensuring compliance, and enhancing security and performance. Trust us to guide you on this crucial journey.

Yes! Migrating from Umbraco 7 presents an excellent opportunity to consider a new web design or User Interface (UI). Enhance User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation during this transition.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you safeguard your website’s future.

Don’t delay—let’s embark on this journey together.