Pill Manager and your pharmacy

The Pill Manager app is an innovative app with the potential to transform the way your pharmacy deals with both medicine management and prescription ordering.
Pill Manager App

Advanced technology to support your independent pharmacy

The app is available in both desktop and mobile versions, and performs the following functions; it allows patients to monitor and manage their medication and prescription and it makes your pharmacy much more receptive to patient needs.

Flexible, accessible
medication management

Pill Manager is a unique innovation in the field of prescription and medication management. By working equally well on desktop, Android or iOS devices it offers complete flexibility and a simplification of medication management. Patients can set reminders and schedule their prescriptions, making sure that they never miss a dose. Another plus point is the fact that health workers can gain easy access to a regularly updated medication history. Once Pill Manager is a part of your site, your patients will be fully protected from the risk of running out of medication

Simplified patient management system

When Patient Manager is part of your website you’ll be able to offer streamlined and efficient management of your patients’ needs, and as a result more of them will give you their business. Your branding and logo will become a part of each customers app, and your marketing message will be carried directly to their smartphones and other devices. By streamlining and simplifying the process in this way, Patient Manager will enable you to hugely increase the number of prescriptions you can deal with. Collection and delivery costs will come down and the accuracy of your prescriptions will reach 100%.
Easy Medication Management
Simplified Prescription Management

Prescription management simplified and streamlined

An intuitive and flexible Prescription Requests Manager is a vital part of your Patient Manager platform. Once the system is up and running, prescription requests will automatically appear on the desktop, ending the time consuming necessity to search through emails or order lists. The lines of communication run both ways, since your notifications appear on the dashboard of your patients website or directly onto their mobile devices.

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