Drive improved efficiencies, saving both time and money, with our next level VS- Fleet Tracking System

We’ve got experience in the fields of tracking, mapping and navigating. We’ve applied everything we know to the development of our fleet system, delivering the tools you need to manage your business with maximum efficiency. A host of detailed reports, an enhanced and streamlined back office tool and a range of instantaneous alarms work together to optimize the efficiency with which you manage your fleet – in simple terms, you have the information you need when you need it.

Our system is a True value system i.e. Pay on How & When you track!!! Freedom from per fleet payment. The efficiency of the system is matched by its value. You only pay for the time you spend tracking, rather than being charged based on the size of your fleet. The system keeps track of the live tracking of vehicles carried out each day and then charges accordingly. You can add as many fleets as needed to the system and, on any given day, you’re only going to pay for the services you actually use.




Vsourz have spent over a decade working with some of the largest brands in the world. We bring all that experience to bear when supplying our VS – Fleet Tracking System. Our expertise allows us to deliver a solution with offers unified fleet management no matter how large or small your fleet is. The platform we’ve created is a cutting-edge design which can be customized to dovetail perfectly with your business, and our technical and operational support is, quite simply, second to none.

Our Product

VS- Fleet Tracking System allows you to track and manage your fleet in real time. The location, status and diagnostic information linked to each vehicle is available on demand – at your fingertips when you need it most. Use the information the system provides to make the kind of quick thinking, flexible management decisions which maximize efficiency.

How Can We Help

If your fleet management requirements include cutting edge features and round the clock technical support, then the VS-Fleet Tracking System is exactly what you’re looking for.



Here are some of the many benefits of our Fleet Management software:

Track, Analyze & Improve Your Fleet Operations
With VS - Fleet Tracking System


Turn Data & Insights Into Business Actions
with Advanced Reporting

VS – Fleet Tracking system provides the advanced reporting power & allows you to use the data gathered to gain insights into your business and make the right decisions. The metrics gathered for every vehicle include location, speeding statistics, time spent at a given stop and average speed over a journey. For maximum efficiency reports can be set for automatic dispatch.
Distance Travelled
Over Speeding
Booking Report
Vehicles Report
Instance Report
Bespoke Report
This report gives you an overview of distance travelled by the vehicle per day.
This report gives you an overview of vehicles that are over speeding with details like date, time, speed, location etc.
This report gives you an overview of the no. of booking & no. of passengers per day.
This report gives you an overview of number of Owned, Hired & Outsourced Vehicles per day.
This report gives you an overview of no. of instances per day.
Utilise your own data by exporting live, up to date information to create bespoke reporting on Vehicles, bookings, etc.

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