Advanced & comprehensive
Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management
No matter how large or small your fleet is – from 10 vehicles to 10,000 – we’ll help you make
sure they’re always ON TIME at RIGHT PLACE by our LIVE, REAL TIME TRACKING system
Advanced & comprehensive
Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management
No matter how large or small your fleet is – from 10 vehicles to 10,000 – we’ll help you make
sure they’re always ON TIME at RIGHT PLACE by our LIVE, REAL TIME TRACKING system




Drive improved efficiencies, saving both time and money, with our next level VS- Fleet Tracking System

We’ve got experience in the fields of tracking, mapping and navigating. We’ve applied everything we know to the development of our fleet system, delivering the tools you need to manage your business with maximum efficiency. A host of detailed reports, an enhanced and streamlined back office tool and a range of instantaneous alarms work together to optimise the efficiency with which you manage your fleet – in simple terms, you have the information you need when you need it.

Our system is a True value system i.e. Pay on How & When you track!!! Freedom from per fleet payment. The efficiency of the system is matched by its value. You only pay for the time you spend tracking, rather than being charged based on the size of your fleet. The system keeps track of the live tracking of vehicles carried out each day and then charges accordingly. You can add as many fleets as needed to the system and, on any given day, you’re only going to pay for the services you actually use.

Manage a group of booking or large group bookings within few clicks
Manage booking and draw an efficient path to the destination. User has visual on map for all bookings to dispense to driver efficiently
Real time tracking of Vehicles – Track each trip to make it on time
Geo code facility enables live updates of vehicle position
Manage & monitor routes for daily fleet operations
Monitor the status of vehicles via dashboard
Reporting and Notifications management
Analyse comparatively between scheduled and actual timings of vehicle on a route
Set reminders for individual drivers
Over speeding alerts – System will alert both driver and fleet manager in real time if a vehicle is exceeding the speed limit
Storage for Vehicle attributes in Backoffice for efficient management
Route replay – Route replay allows the route taken by a vehicle on a specific date to be examined, including details such as the sped travelled at and any stops made during the journey
Integrates smoothly and easily with existing systems. APIs to integrate other system with our product
Messages can be broadcast to the entire fleet of drivers at one time





Vsourz have spent over a decade working with some of the largest brands in the world. We bring all that experience to bear when supplying our VS – Fleet Tracking System. Our expertise allows us to deliver a solution with offers unified fleet management no matter how large or small your fleet is. The platform we’ve created is a cutting-edge design which can be customised to dovetail perfectly with your business, and our technical and operational support is, quite simply, second to none.
our product

Our product

VS- Fleet Tracking System allows you to track and manage your fleet in real time. The location, status and diagnostic information linked to each vehicle is available on demand – at your fingertips when you need it most. Use the information the system provides to make the kind of quick thinking, flexible management decisions which maximise efficiency.

How can we help

If your fleet management requirements include cutting edge features and round the clock technical support, then the VS-Fleet Tracking System is exactly what you’re looking for.

Accelerate away from the competition with
total Fleet Control

Here are some of the many benefits of our Fleet Management software:
Spend less time worrying about your fleet operations and more time achieving your mission
Information on the real-time whereabouts of your vehicles is always at your fingertips
Historical fleet data facilitates longer term planning and efficiency
Save money on fuel by maximising the efficiency of the routes and drivers used
Increase safety via speed notifications
Use dashboards and reports to enhance your decision making Always know where your vehicles are in real-time

Track, Analyze & Improve your fleet operations
with VS - Fleet Tracking System


Know where each of your fleet of vehicles is located at any time.

Mileage and location are recorded in real time and can be accessed historically for enhanced planning. Real-time tracking can be used for a range of vehicles such as taxis, school buses, airport transfers and so on. An easily understood map interface will convey the position of each vehicle as well as its speed and direction of travel. The system can be searched using either bookings or vehicles as a filter.
  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Informative Tracing
  • True Value
  • Instant Alerts
  • Route Replay

Using the system will enable you to maximise the efficiency of your fleet.

Real time dashboard notifications combined with extensive data collection will enable you to make informed and efficient decision re the management of your fleet. Comprehensive ready-made reports put the information at your fingertips and the power in your hands.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Insights in to Actual Fleet Performance
  • Make Improvements Based on Insight
  • Enhanced Decision

The VS-Fleet Tracking System integrates smoothly with your existing business structures thanks to intuitive and seamless interfaces.

By utilising the power of detailed fleet data, the system will enable you to maximise the efficiency of your fleet. The processes offered by the system can be customised to align with your wider business or utilised as they are.
  • App Centre
  • Mobile Solutions
  • API’s

Keep all your vehicle related information at single place with the help of Backoffice – vehicle Management.

  • Vehicle RecordsAdministrator can maintain records of Vehicles in Vehicle screen with Details like Vehicle Number, Model, Type, Capacity, Category, Driver Status etc.
  • Vehicle MappingAdministrator can manage Mapping of Vehicles to drivers using this screen.

Using Backoffice – Driver Management analyze and manage your driver related operations and expenses.

  • Drivers Management

    Administrator can manage records of drivers using this screen with details like Driver Name. Type, Vehicle number, Address, Email, Mobile Number etc.

    Store all the Driver related information at a single place.

  • Over Speeding ReportKeep an eye on driver’s safety through over speeding report.


Turn data & insights into business actions
with advanced reporting

VS - Fleet Tracking system provides the advanced reporting power & allows you to use the data gathered to gain insights into your business and make the right decisions. The metrics gathered for every vehicle include location, speeding statistics, time spent at a given stop and average speed over a journey. For maximum efficiency reports can be set for automatic dispatch.
Distance Travelled
Over Speeding
Booking Report
Vehicles Report
Instance Report
Bespoke Report
This report gives you an overview of distance travelled by the vehicle per day.
This report gives you an overview of vehicles that are over speeding with details like date, time, speed, location etc.
This report gives you an overview of the no. of booking & no. of passengers per day.
This report gives you an overview of number of Owned, Hired & Outsourced Vehicles per day.
This report gives you an overview of no. of instances per day.
Utilise your own data by exporting live, up to date information to create bespoke reporting on Vehicles, bookings, etc.