Personalised mobile application that
increases brand loyalty and makes business
management simple.
Tree House

Benefits for your

Push notifications

New listings and offers sent
straight to your device.

Push notifications

User friendly, simple
and easy to use

Tested and refined user
experience to journey through the
app with ease.


At your convenience

Increased knowledge of the
local market with a few taps.

Booking centre

Schedule appointments and viewings.

Benefits for you

Appointment management

Appointment management

New listings and offers sent straight to your customers device.
Capture information

Capture information

Gathering client data to better your understanding of their requirements.
In your customers pocket

In your customers pocket

App downloaded on a personal handset will increase usage and awareness.


A mobile app is a powerful tool to assist with making sales. This will attract landlords and help conversion.
Centralised management

Centralised management of buyers, sellers, appointments and properties.



How It Works

For property buyer and tenants

For property buyer and tenants:

  • Visits the app
  • Scrolls through property listings
  • Filter search and save preference
  • Receive notifications of their preferred new listings
  • Requests information or books a viewing
  • Arrange or schedule appointment
  • You’re notified of appointments in advance
For property buyer and tenants

For landlord and sellers:

  • Visits the app
  • Locate your property
  • Track number of viewings
  • Track status
  • Receive appointment notifications
For property buyer and tenants

For your Estate Agency:

  • Centralised control panel to manage your app
  • Set up properties and landlords
  • Setup appointments and buyers
  • Setup agents
  • Manage appointments
  • Get detailed report for each viewing appointment with agents notes, time spent at the property and GPS location