Magento Vs Shopify Vs WooCommerce

By Vsourz - 02 August 2019
Magento Vs Shopify Vs WooCommerce
Here at Vsourz we specialize in ecommerce website development. That means that we get to know every business we work with and provide the ecommerce solutions that will work best for them. In many cases, this boils down to choosing the right ecommerce platform, and the good news for any business that works with us is that we know everything there is to know about the three market leading platforms.

These platforms are Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. As well as being experts in Magento web development we have a team of Shopify experts available to our clients and also boast a vast amount on experience in WooCommerce development. All of this means that the decision over which platform to use for your ecommerce business sums upto weighing up the various strength and features of each platform and deciding which is best suited to your business needs. Each individual platform is an ideal solution in its own way, but the details of your individual ecommerce business mean that one of them is bound to be the perfect fit.

Market Share

At the time of writing, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento are the dominant ecommerce platforms globally. WooCommerce runs more than 3 million ecommerce stores, while more than 500,000 sites use Magento and there are 800,000 plus online stores utilising Shopify.

An Overview

WooCommerce – the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, and one which is used mainly by smaller businesses. It is actually not an eCommerce platform in its own right but is a WordPress plug-in that can be utilized quickly and simply. The highly effective CMS that comes with WooCommerce means that WooCommerce development is the ideal choice for start-ups and SMEs.

Shopify – this is a popular platform amongst small to medium sized businesses which are branching out into eCommerce. As our Shopify experts will explain, it is more affordable than some other open source platforms and comes with the added advantage that any updates are applied automatically.

Magento – Magento web development can be implemented via the basic Magento platform which is available free of charge or the revamped Magento 2 platform which offers greater functionality and enhanced performance.

While we work with many smaller businesses, helping them with their ecommerce website development as they forge a successful online presence, the fact of the matter is that the three leading eCommerce platforms are also used by some of the largest and most well-known brands in the world. Penguin books, Budweiser and Tesla use Shopify, Magento is the platform of choice for Coca Cola, Nike and Olympus, while the Wall Street Journal and Men’s Health both work with WooCommerce.

These brands reflect the industrial specialisations which each platform is best known for. Of course, listing the industries which are most likely to use a specific platform doesn’t mean other industries can’t, it just signals the kind of areas which operate the most effectively via these platforms. For example, publishers, services, health care and biotech are the most popular sectors on WooCommerce, while fashion and accessories, consumer goods and retailers favor Shopify, and Magento attracts greater numbers of businesses working in manufacturing and distribution, multinational retail and B2B.

If you’re interested in having the largest number of themes to choose from when you’re working with our experts on ecommerce website development, then the best choice would be WooCommerce which has just over a thousand themes, or Magento, which offers just less than 1,000, as opposed to Shopify which has 630 themes.

To put things into simple terms, Magento offers the most powerful solution for larger and more complex businesses, such as those trading B2B or across a range of international borders. At the same time, Shopify offers a SaaS service which is easy to pick up and use if you’re business concentrates on retailing to the public, while WooCommerce boasts the convenience of being a plug in for a WordPress site, which makes it simple to just add on to existing sites.

When you work with our eCommerce website development team, we’ll quickly identify which of the three major platforms is best suited to your business model. Whether that means opting for Magento web development or WooCommerce development, or working with our Shopify experts, we’ll make sure that you have the online presence you need to drive your business forward into the future.

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