Aiming to provide an engaging platform where sellers and buyers can trade with convenience and security, we have helped many companies by building Marketplace platforms that suit both their businesses and their audience.
Specific features for Marketplaces of any industry focused on the B2C (Business to Customer) trade, which make purchase and check-out flows easier for sellers and buyers.
A feature list tailored to meet the requirements of Marketplaces dedicated to the trade of vehicles and vehicle accessories, offering sellers and customers a powerful platform to fulfil their needs.
Comprehensive details and implementations to build an operative an efficient Marketplace for the travel industry.
A detailed list of requirements for a Marketplace offering service promotion and hiring, on an online community basis.
Specific features for Property based Marketplaces, offering property promotion, booking and trading opportunies for landlords and tenants.
A comprehensive list of the features included to meet the requirements of a Marketplace platform used by companies to promote vacancies and recruit job seekers matching their search criteria.
Detailed features for community based Marketplaces of industries dedicated to arts, music, technolgy, cinema, etc. to promote, start and receive project founding from the platform's audience.
Comprehensive features for Marketplaces dedicated to gather citizen responses and proposals to be communicated to the Govenment, NGOs and other officail organizations.
DirectFlights is a flights, hotels and car hire comparison Marketplace designed, developed and integrated to provide users with real time results to their travel related searches.
What is Marketplace?
A Marketplace is a traditional, proven idea that has been absolutely revolutionised by the Internet. Online access has made worldwide connections between businesses, citizens, employees and governments a reality.

Market places allow engagement, interchange and trading which was only possible by being physically present at the same place and at the same time. But not anymore. Digital E-Marketplaces have no time or space limits imposed on the business flow, so everyone, everywhere can be connected and purchase, sell or exchange whenever they wish to.
Online Marketplaces are the source of big opportunities for many aspiring and creative enterprises with small, big or even unusual ideas which are able to fill a gap in the needs of the market.
We specialise in building E-MARKETPLACES that bring your smart ideas to life. We offer robust and scalable solution that puts strategy at the core of everything.
Business-to-Business Marketplaces are online platforms where companies can do transactions with other companies. For example, manufacturers to wholesalers, wholesalers to retailers, etc. Distribution networks, supply chain, stock and inventory, product portfolio, contracting, shipping methods, payment terms and communication between companies are the most relevant characteristics of B2B Marketplaces.
This refers to online transactions between an individual or a business with the end consumer. In terms of size and volume, B2B transactions are typically much higher than that of B2C transactions; however B2C are the transactions which require best communication, collaboration and engagement channels to connect with the consumers.
Consider a portal where Terry posts a requirement for organising a birthday party for his son. Within hours, he gets quote from both small and big event management companies. He then further reviews the price, company's track record, and testimonials from previous users before selecting a company that will manage this event. Essentially, this meeting ground and platform is offered by a consumer-to-business marketplace solution.
Websites offering free classifieds, online auctions, help forums where individuals can buy and sell products, services or information online with ease. A classic example is eBay's auction service.
An online marketplace can even take a form of an internal network between a company and its employees for communication and collaboration, or for running competitions, distributing discount coupons, etc. Such engagement can be treated as a B2E (Business-to Employee) transaction.
Other categories of Internet marketplace include G2G (Government-to-Government), G2E (Government-to-Employee), G2B (Government-to-Business), B2G (Business-to-Government), G2C (Government-to-Citizen), C2G (Citizen-to-Government) involving transactions with the government like online tendering, tax filing, bidding, procurement, company registration to license renewal, etc.
Ecommerce MarketPlace
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